May 25, 2012
Teenage Rampage 3


Teens Take Their Turns

(Los Angeles, CA)  Porno Dan releases, “Teenage Rampage – Volume 3”


Teens are known for being many things, but being patient and taking their turn is not normally one of them. Some would say that as a result of their youth, they are rather impatient and don’t normally understand the concept of waiting. However, after watching this latest installment of “Teenage Rampage 3” people’s perception of a couple teens may change. Ivana Sugar and Molly Bennett not only show that they know how to take their turns, they truly do show poise and grace with the way they share the share cock of world’s luckiest man, Porno Dan.


Immoral Productions CEO  “Porno Dan” Leal said, “I have to hand it to Molly Bennett and Ivana Sugar they took turns and shared my cock better than I could have ever dreamed, and believe me I have dreamt about these two many times since I had the pleasure of doing this scene with them.”


Porno Dan brings you third volume of his latest series, “Teenage Rampage,” which continues in his tradition of shooting the freshest starlets in the adult industry at their raw and unbridled best, as he gets them to perform without scripts or any restraints. Cover models 18-year-old Molly Bennett and 19-year-old Ivana Sugar team up as they take their turns sharing the cock of “the little penis that could” of Porno Dan. 18-year-old Allie James from Rochester, New York shows that growing up on a farm doesn’t mean you don’t grow up loving cock any less than anyone else as she truly loves to fuck. 19-year-old Hydii May from Lancaster, California is such a nymphomaniac that she demanded she gets sex from multiple men, and 18-year-old Abbie Anderson loves having her pussy pleased.


This title is distributed by Pure Play. The Sales Manager of Pure Play, Mr. Ritch, said, “These are some truly fun loving teens that really do enjoy sex. Where were girl’s like this when I was growing up?”



Cover model Molly Bennet said, “I loved sharing Porno Dan’s cock with Ivana Sugar, I have so much fun when I shoot with Dan. I can’t wait to come back and do it again!”


Porno Dan, aka The One-man Circus, is the star of The Right Hand television show. He is known for producing some of the most fun-filled and entertaining adult movies.


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